CJG Team Aligned for Design

Space planning and design professionals are aligned with chicagoofficebroker.com.  As in the past, Carol J. Guess & Associates is thrilled to provide potential and current Clients with the highest degree of professional design services.

CJG is a boutique interior design firm with a team of skilled professionals led by Design Director Carol J. Guess. The firm operates from the belief that “transforming environments enhances lives,” and that the holistic creation of the design concept sets the tone for a successful project, while also providing cost control and allowing for each square foot to bring value to the whole.

A major differentiator is a teams ability to prioritize our Clients’ needs.  To achieve this through a Discuss-Design-Develop process, enabling us to create synergistic, functional working space based upon the Client’s direct input. Our signature Information-Gathering process allows every stakeholder input into the space’s functionality, enabling the CJG Team to create a working atmosphere that works!

We look forward to working with chicagoofficebroker.com and its Clients.   Let’s get started!

Best regards,  Carol J. Guess  CEO & Design Director